Friday, December 18, 2009

A Villager's View

Visiting the Wissa Wassef center the other day I saw a tapestry that I'd never seen before. It seems to be the image of an apartment building filled with people. An interesting thing about the people is that they all look quite grim.


Yousef said...

Maybe everyone in that building dislikes their neighbors. My parents have an apartment in a pretty small building. Probably 7 floors 2 apartments per floor. We were on the second floor and our my cousin's lived on the top floor. I would go up and visit them almost daily. Man was it a lot of stairs (no elevator). Maybe the people in the tapestry are tired of climbing stairs. Lol

Shammickite said...

I think it's beautiful.... in a grim sort of way.

brattcat said...

They all seem to be looking down. I wonder what that means.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

Apartment buildings have been built near the village where the weavers live, so these are now part of the landscape. Personally I find that the stress level in the villages is usually less, much less, than in the cities, and as the city encroaches, the villagers lose their way of life.

rLn! said...

The artist got it right. Who wants to live one atop one another? It is indeed very interesting, this very modern tapestry... not the usual motif of country gardens or paisley patterns or lovely maidens astride on white horses. It reminds me of ghetto living -- which is, in reality, very depressing, as this tapestry suggests. i know folks who live in ghetto-like surroundings, squashed together like sardines...stress written plainly on their faces -- like this tapestry.

It also seems as if the building is about to collapse on them -- just one major earthquake would topple it.

It's interesting the differing thoughts this photo generated.

My Vibes said...

Even though they look sad it is still a beautiful work of art...and different.

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