Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rows in Wood

Mashrabaya screens are rightfully expensive. They are created by hand of thousands of pieces of individually shaped pieces of wood. This particular screen isn't finished and the wood is still bare, unstained and unvarnished.


Kate said...

Repetitive patterns always appeal to me.

Amalia said...

simply beautiful wood work.

Shammickite said...

Lovely. I saw these when I was in Cairo.

Shaista said...

Oh but you can see the beauty in it - work in progress is always inspiring..

Tia said...

My husband is a woodworker , so this really appealed to him ! Our daughter (who passed on aged 7 a few years ago) used to tell everyone "my daddy is a carpentering man like Jesus`daddy" :0)
Beautiful images thankyou for sharing

brattcat said...

The eye delights in patterns and these hand-carved pieces create an intriguing one.

Julie said...

I honour the craftmanship that goes into this sort of screen, even though I could never afford the end product.

It must look astounding when stained and polished.

Yousef said...

I wonder how they make each post the same. In my flat in Egypt there is a furniture maker across the street and I would always stand on the balcony and watch him. It was interesting.

rLn! said...

Hi Yousef,

i think there's actually a machine that carves these stylized wood patterns...maybe you can Google for the answer to your question :)

Susan said...

I loved seeing the men work on these screens...

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