Sunday, January 10, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Football, aka soccer, is a national insanity in Egypt. There is hardly a boy here that doesn't play or hasn't played football. Today I was quietly reading in my garden enjoying an unseasonably warm afternoon when I heard shouts and laughter from the driveway at the farm. My grooms had finished feeding the horses and the gardeners were done transplanting lettuce plants to new spots in the kitchen garden. My driver/personal assistant (the Photography Elf) had joined them all in an impromptu football match.


rapunzel said...

Looks like fun! If my son was there, he would have wanted to join in. He loves football, aka soccer, and is totally excited (his words, not mine) that Philadelphia now has their own soccer team (we live in eastern PA).

Paddi Sprecher said...

Always fun and laughter at Al Sorat.

rLn! said...

Yep, men will be boys! In my husband's village (in Fiji), the men (and boys) are just as fanatic about rugby as the rest of the world are about soccer. Almost every village has in its center a rugby field! Rugby is an integral part of the village life -- most of the men go to work at their farms, then meet up with their cousins and uncles afterwards for a late-afternoon rugby get-together.

brattcat said...

These are joyful shots.

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