Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kids Kidnapping Kids

We had five baby goats born not long ago. Now that they are old enough to bounce around like popcorn in the big goat/donkey/gamoosa pen they are irresistible to the middle school students who come to ride horses and donkeys here every Saturday morning. The four-footed kids don't seem to object to being cuddled and hugged by the two-footed kids.


April said...

How cute!!!

Shaista said...

Adorable, there is no feeling quite like knowing an animal trusts you..

hackaday said...

Hello it's my first time in your blog ever. It 's really cool. Keep up with the good work.
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Tea said...

That's so sweet. I would like to cuddle one too.

rapunzel said...

So cute!

Really enjoy your blog since I never expect I will get to Egypt myself. Thanks for sharing!

brattcat said...

What a clever title.

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