Friday, January 22, 2010

Tight Fit

Yet another street photo from Cairo...I never tire of the bizarre behaviour of Cairenes with regard to vehicles. In this case the young men obviously didn't find a seat inside and decided to ride on the stairs. You see this quite a lot. The wonder is that they don't get scraped off on passing cars.


Jaz said...

Haha love this, I've done this before too in high heels - it was the day of the Michael Jackon movie premiere no way would i miss that

Mia said...

Lovve that pic - I was amazed at how they do that too.. I could watch that for hourss hehehe - and can you even begin to IMAGINE that bein in the states with all the strict codes and laws here they spend so much ridiculous money trying to enforce... maybe that's why our country is goin' down the tubes - ya think?

My Vibes said...

we Jamaicans do that a lot too. usually it is the conductor on the steps 'welcoming in' passengers or I should say forcing folks into an already tightly packed bus. (lol. certainly looks similar.

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