Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coming Home From The Horse Fair

On our way home from a horse fair near Imbaba we passed an old man and probably his grandson with a cart pulled by a cow. Obviously their shopping had not gone so well.


Unknown said...

I do not know what is your name and I do not care to know it , I always forget it
I do not like your blog at all and if I have the authority I would remove it form the internet and deport you from Egypt
Your photos are not any artistic or informative about the country you live in and if I give the camera to a monkey he would take better photos than yours of course
You probably know nothing about Egypt and you find a lot of fun in displaying the wrong picture of Egypt intentionally and on purpose
Egypt is not the Egypt you display in your blog , not even the Egypt that was destroyed by the muslims , or the arabs , or the christens , Egypt is Egypt , the people that invented the pyramids and the ink and the paper and the writing and the agriculture and the calendar and governments and that paved the way to any civilization you live.
If you think you are funny I assure you you are not and you have nothing to do with that
If you think you are an artist , I assure you , you are not and you are very far from that
If you think you are an Egyptologist , I assure you, you are not and you have nothing to do with that .
Please put down your camera because you are an insult to the camera itself

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

Poor Nilo. If you dislike my photographs so much, don't look at them. The delete key is very effective. As far as I can see from your one post on your blog, Egypt began and ended with Akhenaton. Ok. No problem for me. I love the Egypt that encompasses all who have lived here and passed through leaving whatever of them behind as they passed. It's a wonderfully vivid, warm, rich country. Sorry that you don't feel you live there.

Anonymous said...

Can you present a better picture of Egypt today? Not Egypt as it was, or how it could be, but what it is like today, what it would look like if I was to visit?

Anonymous said...

what a pretentious tool. I love your pics, Maryanne.

Unknown said...

Hello Anonymous :

If you want a better pic of what is Egypt today , not Egypt that it was , or Egypt that it would be , you can go no further than wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egypt

They open their article there about Egypt with this :

“ Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization and some of the world's most famous monuments, including the Giza pyramid complex and its Great Sphinx. The southern city of Luxor contains numerous ancient artifacts, such as the Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings. Egypt is widely regarded as an important political and cultural nation of the Middle East. “

You can also visit this site for a gallery of the places you can visit in Egypt

or you can just type the word Egypt in picasa ; www.picasa.com
, or flicker : www.flickr.com , and you will find millions of photos of Egypt and the experience of real people who visited it .

In cairo alone you will find most of the luxurious hotels in the universe like marriot , Hilton , Conrad , Sheraton , shepherded , hayat regency , plaza and all the hotels you find in paris or washingtong

This is Egypt that we offer to our tourists ,

But if you even want a better picture of Egypt , you can even visit this site :

It is about the glorious blood that was shed today in the streets of Cairo for democracy , for a better tomorrow and better Egypt .

And if you want to know even more about who is helping the tyrants and feeds the bribery and corruption ; you better read this :


and if you want to know what all the backdoor foreign tourist home business do in Egypt ; you read this :


it is not Maryanne or me of course who will introduce Egypt , I wish I can quote to you what John West said about Egypt , I wish there is a space here , but I will quote you one line only ,” Egyptian civilization was not a 'development', it was a legacy “
it is not the problem of Egypt that Maryanne confines herself to horses and pigs , she should have change the title of her blog to “ the journey of a Canadian farmer in Egypt “

Nilo Dream

Candice said...

Your blog is what Egypt is, and it's one of the best blogs about Egypt online :)

Egypt is more than the tourist destination where they see the pyramids, tombs, museums, and hotels. People actually live here and have lives that have nothing to do with the pyramids! Egypt is a country of contrast between modern and ancient. Even between modern and old-fashioned. It's a facinating place with interesting people with interesting habits and all this we see through this blog.

Rafay said...

i've bin following this blog for a while now but was compelled to comment on this post. im neither an expert on Egypt nor on photography but there is some fine work on this blog. Keep it up!

Amalia said...

I love your pictures Maryanne :)

I teach in an international school in the same area you are taking pictures so some of the pictures you post are familiar sights to me on a daily basis.

Crazy Goat Lady said...

I have just returned from a very non-touristy stay with Maryanne in one part of Egypt. Do I think that is all that Egypt is? No, I do not. But I prefer it to the inflated hotels and restaurants, and touristy crap traps spouted by Nilo which give you nothing but diarrhea and a dent in your bank account. Sheesh! Get real and get a life. Start your own blog and leave out the stuff about Egypt you don't like or don't want the world to know if it will make you happy, but if you knew Maryanne, you would be ashamed of yourself!

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