Monday, July 19, 2010

Fabric Textures

My housekeeper in her tie dyed galabeya is hanging tablecloths in the back garden. The blue one is printed with traditional patterns from the tentmaker's trade. The green and yellow one behind is a local batik.


Mia said...

Oh how I LOVED the fabrics of Egypt... that's the one thing I wish I had found more of - I got some really great scarves and that was hard enough to decide on as each was more beautiful than the next, but the tablecloths look awesome tooo! Isn't there any online egyptian store we can buy from in the US????? :(

brattcat said...

Detail rich image, lots of information, my favorite kind of post from you.

Beverly Hill said...

Such beautiful colors!

Star said...

The tablecloth is so beautiful. Right now, for my own artistic purposes, I'm studying one of my favorite books: Owen Jones, The Grammar of Ornament, available in reprint. Though written in the mid-19th century, Jones--as did his contemporary William Morris of the English Arts and Crafts movement--sincerely appreciated and analyzed Middle Eastern art, architecture and design principles. If you have read this work, would you please let us know your opinion of Jones' analysis of the Middle Eastern art, architecture and design principles with which you are familiar? I'm curious to know if you think he hit the head on the nail, or--to mix metaphors--if he missed the boat.
Thanks, Star

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

Haven't read it. Might try to look it up.

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