Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One For You Merri!

Apologies to all my readers but a week ago I went into the hospital for a bilateral knee replacement and I'm not doing much photography yet. For that matter, I'm not doing much of anything really. This is a shot of my annual trip to FAO Schwartz with my daughter in New York earlier in June. For a while you'll be getting a weird random assortment of photos, but this one is special for Merri Melde of and her friend the Raven.


Dina said...

It looks like these random pictures will be fun too.
Wishing you a good and quick-as-possible recovery, Maryanne.

brattcat said...

May you heal beautifully, Maryanne.

Kalahari RRs said...

Get well soon... I miss your unique look at your city far, far away from here. :-)

Anonymous said...

you will love your new knees when the rehab is done!!

Shammickite said...

You'll soon be doing the "knees-up" again.

The Raven said...

squawked The Raven: "That's my Cousin!!"
"p.s. Heal fast Maryanne!"
- The Raven

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