Thursday, July 15, 2010

Motorcycle Built For Three

The boom in motorcycle sales has given rise to a huge increase of pretty amazing photos and also whispered prayers as we drive along.


Oakland Daily Photo said...

There's a helmet on the back on the scooter, and no one thinks to wear it? Future accident statistics will not be pretty.

brattcat said...

Please add my quiet prayers to yours.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

Helmets! That's an entirely different issue! I look at our village boys who are buying motorcycles because they can't afford cars and wondering how many of them will see 30.

Sylwia said...

Is this little boy sleeping on his father laps???!OMG a complete lack of imagination...
Some time ago my husband's brother was involved in motorbike accident.They were bunch of friends going on bikes-3 boys on each bike.Of course there were speeding like a hell and for some reasons they crashed.Fortunately no one was seriously injured but my husband's brother literally flew few meters away from bike.And guess what?they think it happens so no worries.

annechung said...

I remember hiring a taxi to take us from Cairo to Wadi Natrun. The driver got in his car, said a prayer in Arabic, I said my prayer and off we went. On the way he missed his turnoff on the freeway and stopped, reversed and got on the right lane again. I couldn't believe what I just witnessed. Beware, when you come to Cairo, cover yourself with lots of prayers.

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