Monday, March 7, 2011

Fruit and Vegetables

It's a little thing but close to my heart. We used to come here in winter from Canada to visit my in-laws before we moved here and there were these amazing strawberries. There are no fresh strawberries in Toronto in the winter unless you want to pay a small fortune for them. But the strawberries in Egypt.... I was caught by the colour of the strawberries and brussels sprouts.


rapunzel said...

Beautiful strawberries!!

brattcat said...

I could be quite content to live for days on end just eating the food in this picture.

Gunn said...

Looks yummy!
( I have also enjoyed "daily life" shots on your blog.)

Gunn / Stavanger / Norway

Star said...

Are they still picked only when ripe? Italian memories dripping with tree-ripened peach juice still haunt me from the 1980s. No chance for that, anymore, well, not in Milan, at least. Delicate fruit is picked too green, so it survives in a better visual state to the supermarket shelves, but this means that fruit, like peaches, never really ripens. It just gets mealy and softer and rots. (I confess, however, that I am partly responsible for my own unhappy fruit experiences. I personally hate shopping in the markets, where one has to pull out one's purse a dozen times to pay separate vendors, even though *maybe* those smaller sellers *might* have tree-ripened produce.)

Alexa said...

ok so i've just looked through a whole bunch of your photos - WOW, thank you for sharing this :)

Shammickite said...

We have strawberries from Mexico in the Toronto supermarkets right now, they look lovely but are definitely lacking in the fresh taste that the Egyptian strawberries must have at this time of year.

Sylwia said...

They look very yummy!In fact I had a chance to taste egyptian strawberries last winter,bought them in local smal market for about LE 5.Now the only chance to eat strawberries are those imported from outside countries-and of course a little for much money.

Candice said...

YUM. I'd love to spend summer here in Canada eating our strawberries and then winter in Egypt eating their's! :P

Inside My Heart is You said...

Salam Alaykoum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatoh!

Baba is all the time buying me strawberries because he knows that ALL ME is in love with these :))))!

I was born in the strawberries month and I think mama was eating a lot from these fruits because I can't explain in another way my love for strawberries! I dont need food when I have strawberries!!! I dont want to share strawberries with other people and I protect my fruits like a lion :))))))))))))

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