Sunday, February 3, 2008

Old Habits Die Hard

Visitors to the Solar Boat Museum at the Giza plateau see a cedar wood boat that was constructed thousands of years ago from Lebanese cedar that was held together with palm fiber ropes. No nails were used in its construction. This minaret in old Cairo is probably over 500 years old and the scaffolding used in its restoration is also held together with rope, as are many scaffoldings throughout Egypt.


Elle said...

We paid a visit to the solar boat museum. What really amused us were the shoe covers they made everyone wear before we went in. My little one said she looked like Donald Duck. A good way to get the floors polished :)

Susan said...

Nervewracking to see those guys climbing the rickety scaffolding.

Molly said...

thats scaffolding???

Anonymous said...

Wow! How interesting.


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