Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Winter Sky

We've had a cold winter in Egypt...well, cold for Egypt at least. Many of the favourite trees here are those that lose the leaves in the little cold that we do have in the winter and then provide shade during the hot summers, trees like poinciana (flame of the forest), jacaranda and bauhinia (the camel foot tree). This bauhinia has lost all of its leaves but will be covered in beautiful lavender/mauve blossoms in another couple of months. Meanwhile, it provides a lovely lattice work against an evening sky.


brian stout said...

I really like this, the spidery tree limbs look very cool against the sky...

Anonymous said...

Nice photo. I never thought of Egypt as getting cold.

Anonymous said...

How very interesting that it gets so cold that the trees lose their leaves. I've only been to Egypt when it was extremely hot. ;-) Very nice photo indeed.


Ann (MobayDP) said...

I love seeing trees like this. They look so pretty against the sky.

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