Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Old Seen From The New

One of my all-time favourite juxtapositions in Giza is the placement of a Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut just facing the Sphinx and the Pyramids. What can you say?

Apologies for not being around. Friends offered me a Nile cruise. Never been on one before, so I went and took my buddy Da Moose. Check my other blogs for news and photos of that...but this should make up for it.


Fairy Mae said...

I took some time this afternoon to read your blog. Thanks for the read.

I am looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, talk about the relentless march of capitalism - is nothing sacred?! Great shot!

Mia said...

that's just wrong - in so many ways ::sigh::

Mona Zenhom said...

I just found your blog and devoured every photo. You've captured all the wonderful little things about Egypt so well and made me love my country a bit more! Thanks and keep posting!

Dina said...

Oh, now I understand why the slaves, having escaped from Pharaoh, murmured against Moses and longed for "the flesh-pots of Egypt" where they had always had enough bread and plenty of meat in the meat-pots. They could probably still smell that KFC chicken being deepfried and the pepperoni pizzas being baked!

Susan said...

The Nile Cruise was well-worth it, IMHO. Looking forward to seeing photos of that.

 gmirage said...

wow! eating pizza with a great view! priceless!

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