Monday, March 5, 2007

An Advantage to Polllution

So the trick is that when your computer is bad, you shut it down and give it some time out, I guess. I shut my laptop to check the serial number of the battery (it's one that Apple is supposed to replace before it explodes) and when I turned it back on I can upload photos again. I give up.

Cairo is one of the world's most polluted cities and just last year I read that we'd edged out Mexico City for the top spot. Happily living at the southwestern edge of the city, I get the wind that blows from the northwest bringing clean air from the Mediterranean to the Nile Valley. We escape the worst of the pollution most days, but in the evening we get to enjoy the one advantage. The dust particles hanging in the air do give some spectacular sunsets. I have a brick/concrete mounting block of about 5 stairs that we built for our less athletic riders, but it's secret function is to provide a sitting place for a person and a number of dogs in the evening to watch the sun disappear.


Carraol said...

Beautiful sunset, you are right the pollution its a really bad thing for the cities. Here in Mexico City the goverment made hard rules for industries & cars, the old cars can't go out one or two days a week, the news have to stay in tune always, is a huge problem. Well, cheers from this polluted & great city.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see that you receive the advantages of the pollution without all of the drawbacks.

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