Friday, March 30, 2007

Friendly Support

When I first traveled to Egypt I bought a Lonely Planet guide that described Alexandria as the city of hand-holding sailors, explaining that while contact between the sexes was not widely accepted it was perfectly fine that men hold each other's hands. This is still the case, for the most part. Public displays of affection are still mostly among women or men rather than between the sexes.

And the internet is still being difficult.


Anonymous said...

Oh that is wonderful. People used to do that here in the states but no longer.

It began with little kids holding hands and that extended up to teen years but then was only between opposite sexes (boys and girls or just girls holding hands).

Nowadays, people would think, to themselves, that you would be gay if you held the hand of someone who is the same sex (male or female.

It is a shame people feel that way because I really think it is natural to want to touch people you like or enjoy talking to. It is like a pat on the back to me.

I really like this photograph.

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Anonymous said...

nice shot and interesting info to know !

julia said...

Nice communication there - Bro!

Simply Eva said...

Just one of the things I love about Egypt.

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