Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Cleanup Crew

The stalks are those of last summer's okra crop. They are allowed to get quite tall and woody and cut down after the harvest of the last pods which will supply next summer's seed. The sheep will trim off all the leftover leaves and twigs after which they will be left to dry to be used for firewood for the farmers to boil their tea water over while working in the fields.


brattcat said...

Beautiful, this cycle of use. Nature and man working together.

Unknown said...

That is really neat. What an efficient/natural/ecologically friendly way of doing things, nothing is wasted. Thank you for sharing this.

Montag said...

Your pictures and commentary are like an elixir. I have read Al Ahram weekly on line, and now I have this daily.


Alli said...

I really like your blog. Photo blogs are always so interesting. Thanks for the photos and mini-lessons that go along with them!

Rashed said...


rLn! said...

Reminds me of the goats in the Lagiloa bush (of Taveuni, Fiji) -- they made excellent lawn mowers!
They ate the grass to the ground, but with all the rain in Taveuni, it was like a golfing green!

Nathan Tice said...

Need the cleanup crew for my backyard...!

Hardyharhar said...

wow! I love your blog, and all the pictures that go with it. This one shows me that I need a goat! But not where I am in South Korea at the moment.

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