Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dancing Horse

As many have enjoyed the photo of the mare and photographer, this was shot at the same exhibition. Egyptian dancing horses are usually stallions, the work taking a lot of muscle. They dance to the music of local musicians.


brattcat said...

Yes, this is a wonderful shot. That horse is exquisite. So compact, gleaming, powerful. And the rider and the musicians...all that focused intensity! Thank you for posting this.

Unknown said...

So pretty! It must be a neat event to watch!

Montag said...

How long has this horse dancing been going on in Egypt? I bet it has an fascinating history.

anon said...

nice horse

Ameneh Mahtab said...

What a beautiful horse. I;ve always wanted to see a horse race in Egypt. It seems the perfect place.

kenny8blog said...

The horse looks gorgeous and well
cared for.The event,like dancing with dogs,looks alien.

Dina said...

This looks so strange. I've never heard of your dancing horses.
Would love to see it someday.

Mathi said...


Leiyachan said...

the horse is so cute~~~~

T. Saks said...

Silly Silly silly

Carole Nowicke said...

Nadeem says they have dancing horses in Pakistan. Don't know if they are ridden while dancing.

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