Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lost Elegance

The countryside is dotted with old family holdings from the period before the revolution. This lovely gate with its intricate wrought iron lamps is just one such property. I have no idea who it belongs to but the sight of the gate itself is one that brings a rush of nostalgia.


Dreamfarm Girl said...

The gate is stunning. I love the sunburst design in the middle and sprinkled along the edge. The lamps are fantastic, as is the wrought iron of the doors.

Unknown said...

That is an impressive gate.

Shaista said...

When I think of lost elegance, I think of the old Bombay I knew, and the ornate mix of architectural styles flung all over the city.
I think it is wonderful that you record these images from Cairo :)

Yousef said...

That is really beautiful.

Ken said...

The lamps are amazing, and the detail around the edges are amazing. Another great photo... Thank you!

jasonetlog said...

hi can i share with you

thank you

seo services said...

nice gate. is that two hanging lights above? ..thats nice gate.

butterVAG said...

nice pic... gr8 to see hanging lamps...!

D said...

Very beautiful!

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