Thursday, December 17, 2009


We have quite a few lions in Egypt. The Giza Zoo breeds them and they end up being sent to safari parks and the like. Today we were driving along a back road near Harania checking out a riding trail for a tour group that would be going through in a couple of weeks when we noticed some boys with a very odd looking dog. On closer inspection, it was a young lion cub walking in the sun after its bath. The cub was adorable, friendly, and obviously fond of its handler. It's currently living at one of the country restaurants but will have to find a new home when it grows a bit older.


Dan J. said...

This is an amazing shot. I am seriously taken back. Thank you so much for posting it.

Here in the US.... there are not opportunities to shoot lions cubs..... or most any wild animal...... in this kind of scene.

This photo is awesome.

Anthea said...

Lovely photograph.

Mitch said...

Wow! That's amazing, not only the subject matter, but a fun and friendly portrait of a boy and his lion. Don't get that many lions up here on the edge of the great western prairie.
- Mitch in Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a fantastic photo. Thanks for sharing.


Unknown said...


brattcat said...

What an amazing shot you've posted here. The affection between the two is evident.

Glennis said...

A lovely lion kiss, how lucky is that! He is so gentle.

Leif Hagen said...

Cute, cuddly lion - I'd be nervous!

Tales From Bradistan said...

Beautiful capture indeed

glduro_marieloupe said...

Who owns who?!

Adorable, the cub and the shot! I wish I was there... I love lions, in fact all the mammals!!


Ashton said...

Amazing photo.

Tony nile life said...

The only thing I saw in the zoo was the mosquito breeding ponds what a filthy place it was

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

The Giza Zoo is a terribly sad place. There are people trying to help but it isn't easy. And it's too bad because it's an interesting site historically...just a zoological disaster.

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