Monday, December 21, 2009

On The Way Home

Yesterday was a bit of a mad rush finishing things with a friend who has been staying here for a month. We hoped to be home early but the sun was setting as we crossed the Nile to Giza. The north wind had blown all the pollution away and the clouds glowed crisply in the sky outlined in silver, pink and gold. On an evening such as this it's hard to imagine that all this beauty is just there to enjoy.


Queen of Shiba said...

U're so right..

brattcat said...

I still feel a sense of awe to see the pyramid rising in the background.

Dina said...

So true.
We had the same clouds at sunset yesterday. People at the gate of the Old City stood still and marveled at the gift of such a sky, in all directions.

Unknown said...

I love coming to your blog to see your pictures as well as your way of viewing your world. I hope that you continue to share.

Vincent said...

Nice shot, you've mannaged to make that pyramid look tiny.

Alwyas enjoy your photos, they show another side of Egypt we rarely see.

rLn! said...

A sunset is so fleeting that when we capture its colors through a photograph, its a gift to appreciate a bit longer the artistry of GOD, though it never does justice to the real thing. Your photo gives us a nice taste of it.

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