Sunday, January 17, 2010

Full Service

I suppose it's pretty obvious that I love cooking and eating, and I love the fruit and vegetable stands in Egypt. This one carries all the usual seasonal fruits and vegetables (you have to go to expat heavy areas like Maadi for broccoli) and also has a small stand at the end that sells hummous el sham, a cross between soup and a refreshing drink that is a light tomato broth with chickpeas.

On a quiet day the men who run the stands find it more comfortable to sit across the little road to watch their shop and chat about the events of the village and world.


Gunn said...

Very nice shots.
My favorite is the second photograph.

brattcat said...

When a customer arrives do they hop right up and come over or do they let the customer look around a bit first?

Sapna said...

Nice Pictures. I liked the second photograph and the description alongwith it.Watching the photograph makes me wonder as to what a calm and peaceful life these people must be living.How easy it must be shop for things of your choice without the maddening crowds of bigger cities.

My Vibes said...

very interesting pics. 2nd pic shows slow pace life...the must live long.

The Equestrian Vagabond said...

hummous el sham - that's making my mouth water.
- The Equestrian Vagabond

rLn! said...

Fruit and vegetable stands are a favorite photo op for me as well. i like this kind of scenario so much better than the spic and span produce sections of large grocery stores in most Western countries.

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