Thursday, January 21, 2010

Making The Do

Egypt has a big television and film industry and you can run into them in the oddest places. I went to look at a local hotel for a friend of mine and found that there was a birthday party taking place by the pool and a television series being filmed in the garden. This hairdresser was working away in a corner of the pool area with a gas powered curling iron.


Me said...

Interesting. I am visiting Egypt and doing the tourist trail (in the hopes of a future visit beyond that) and I CANNOT WAIT, its my last trip before I return to Australia to live, so I hope to put some photos up too :-)

Los Angeles Suburbia Daily Photo said...

What a nice capture of a slice of life.

Yousef said...

Wow a gas powered curling iron? Really? I can't imagine what one would be like.

sara! said...

Hello. Bumped into your blog by chance, and I like it! It captures everyday stuffs that sometime we look at them as trivial things and we miss to appreciate the beauty of them. Keep snapping! :)
With best regards, sara!

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