Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Football Mania

The Egyptian national football team is playing Algeria for a chance to go to the World Cup this evening in Sudan. A good portion of Cairo was totally blocked by celebrations after the Egyptian win a few days ago and sales of flags for supporters has been brisk.


Anonymous said...

good luck to the team. let us know the outcome.


Mathi said...

nice photos and posts.

Thomas said...

They love their countries. Totally respect the football manias out there.

Yousef said...

I heard about that win. I bet everyone is going crazy over there. Believe me I've been around native Egyptians when there is a soccer (football) game on tv.

52shotstothehead said...

I love your blog; it inspires me to travel!

Hayley said...

Such a pity they lost!

Queen of Shiba said...

The match was a complete and utter disaster! What's worse is what the Algerian fan's been doing to the Egyptians in Sudan. Saaaaaaaad!!

I still love the festive atmosphere of Egypt when there's an important football game. These people are so passionate about their team:)

kenny8blog said...

This is what we call a "local derby" so passions were sure to be at their most OTT.
Hope it was not too hot to act OTT.

rLn! said...

Is rugby a popular sport, too, in Egypt? In Fiji, rugby is still more popular than soccer, although the Indian population there is very much into soccer, as do the Latinos here in the US. Here in the US, "football" doesn't mean soccer!

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