Friday, November 27, 2009

Seats Three

Donkeys are a way of life in the countryside. Most families out here don't have cars so the family donkey is the mode of transport. These gentle, intelligent creatures don't have such a great life among the poor farmers, but Brooke Hospital and a donkey sanctuary on Faisal Street in Giza try to help them to keep them safe.


Shaista said...

Sweet picture - perhaps the donkey prefers having happy excited children to bear instead of the usual heavy load of sacks?
Perhaps not!
I once went on an elephant ride when I was a little girl, with my two brothers, and I remember wondering if she hated/loved/or was indifferent to bending low for us to climb on her back and ride around the city...

Mia said...


brattcat said...

Beautiful, hard-working children and donkey.

Glennis said...

Poor donkey is well laden, but with 3 children on his back it might just be fun, instead of a heavy load of produce or livestock food etc.

rLn! said...

Not as fast as a motorcycle, but surely safer and the better mode for sightseeing and waving hellos to the neighbors :)

neer said...

that is true...donkeys being the mode of transport for poor villagers, but the city in and around cairo is developing at such a great pace,,,,sometimes u blink the eye, and there is a new building standing tall at place of poor ground....

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