Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Staff of Life

Bread is a hugely important part of the Egyptian diet. These are two halves of one loaf of bread that was baked by the village housewives. They dry the bread to preserve it because they use no preservatives and usually don't have freezers.


aa said...

The bread your are holding is the best bread you can eat in Egypt. :).

I usually ask my relative to bring bags for me :).

Thanks for reminding me to told them about it as it is mandatory in Eid.

Gunn said...

Interesting and it looks nice!:-)

Tia said...

Thankyou for your FANTASTIC website, we homeschool our children and to see everyday life in Egypt is great ! Keep up the good work !

Ja said...

it's called eish mohammes. and it's used for example for fatta.

brattcat said...

That bread looks simply delicious. I think one of the dogs is in agreement with me.

rLn! said...

Huge pita-like breads! Yum!

In Taveuni, Fiji, in Naselesele village where we don't have electricity half the time and therefore no freezers or fridges...everything is cooked, eaten, leftovers covered for the next meal and if not eaten then, then to the pigs or roaming need to refrigerate anything. Everything gets used up -- pronto!

Mikaela H B said...

ooh looks so tasty :) I miss this bread.

Anonymous said...

I love your statue off to the side it reminds me of the chekita (sp?)banana lady with the fuit hat.
I am assuming it is yours with all the dogs in the photo.

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