Sunday, June 24, 2007

Astonishing House 1

I think it has to do with a lack of housing codes? Or an excess of cash? Or maybe it's that aliens abducted someone's sense of taste and propriety. At the end of the day 99% of Egyptians don't have the money to buy the front door of a place like this, so what on earth is the point of building it? I've "admired" this amazing construction for years. Don't know who it belongs to, but I've been told that this is foreign money that created this whatever. I can't even figure out to what architectural style it alludes...maybe 1001 Nights meets The Taj Mahal?


Susan said...

Is this in Heliopolis?

Anonymous said...

It must be the summer home of President Bush. It is something he would consider presidential.

I don't know what it is or what the style is but I like your photo of it.

Abraham Lincoln
Wishing you the best of both worlds

Anonymous said...

astonishing indeed! that is so large, makes me wonder how many people the owner employed just to keep it clean...

Susan said...

lol...Egypt often manages to find lots of ways to keep establishments 'over-employed'.

Charrie said...

lol..I don't know, Abe... I've seen Crawford...

Love the photo, if not the house!

Marie said...

It looks like a big cake with a lot of crème Chantilly (I don't like Chantilly) and candies on top of it.

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