Thursday, June 28, 2007

Immortal Games

School is out and the kids are simmering in over 40 degree heat (Celsius, over 100 Fahrenheit) and entertaining themselves with quiet games. While in Maadi doing errands I saw these two boys who were playing a game that I used to call "lagging pennies", tossing stones against a low wall and collecting those that came closest to the wall.


Anonymous said...

We used to play the same game and the one who got closest to the wall would win the pennies. We called it "pitching pennies."

Nice photo.

Abraham Lincoln
Have you ever seen a Great Blue Heron?
Brookville Daily Photo

~tanty~ said...

Here in Stavanger has been raining the last two days. How different uh?
Lovely photo :)

Steve Buser said...

Abraham I think is speaking for all of us in the US -- same rules here in New Orleans. My son is particularly good at that. I would like to think he just got lucky, but I really suspect it took the place of studying in college -- he probably got a lot of practice.

noha said...

that driveway and walk looks just like my uncle's place in Alex! I think I just had a little "Egypt-sicknes". Thanks for the photos...

Anonymous said...

we're headed to Cairo to catch up with my husband who's working and not ready to leave! I'm hesitant as I have 2 babes in tow, but think life will be fun there.

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