Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bridge Season

I came to Egypt from North America where bridges were mostly a way of going from one place to another. In fact many of our bridges had minimal pedestrian walkways. In Cairo during the summer, bridges are parks. Even bridges that have virtually now pedestrian areas accumulate summer visitors at night along the sides. This is a family fishing during the day on the wooden bridge. They may catch some Nile perch, which will put up a good fight and probably have some accumulated toxins in the system this far down the Nile. If they come from upper Egypt, they are superb fish and grow as large as 150 kg in Lake Nasser. The bridges have the best breezes in summer, so every evening they are crowded with families and during the day there are the diehard fishermen.

1 comment:

geneline said...

Yes! that was one of my surprises when I was in Cairo : the bridge is a place to live.

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